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Articular cartilage is composed of collagen, proteoglycan, water, chondrocytes, etc.

However, this decreases with age and loses its elasticity, which weakens the cushioning between bones.

Chondroitin, which makes up proteoglycans, and glucosamine, which is the raw material for proteoglycans, are both important components.

“Superglucosamine DX” is a dietary supplement that contains glucosamine chondroitin and some of the most popular herbs, cat’s claw, devil’s claw, and ginger.




■Ingredients per 15 grams

・Glucosamine (derived from shrimp and crab))  1,600 mg

・Chondroitin-containing shark cartilage extract物 1,280 mg

・Devil’s Claw Extract 300 mg

・Cat’s claw extract 300 mg

・Fish collagen 300 mg

・Ginger powder 100 mg



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