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Inside the factory Product creation
Trade Name Hokoen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Address 134-5, Hama 8 Bancho, Utazucho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa, 769-0208 Japan
Founded on April 1, 1950
Established on July 1, 1960
Capital fund 48,000,000 yen
Representative President and Chief Executive Officer Takanobu Hamada
Approved Business Categories Medical product marketing business
Quasi-drug manufacturing and marketing business
Medical apparatus manufacturing and marketing business
Cosmetic product manufacturing and marketing / manufacturing business
Whole sale distribution business
Business Contents ■Manufacturing and marketing
General pharmaceutical products, quasi-drug products, medical equipment, cosmetic products, health food, health-related articles, etc.
Contract manufacturing
Pharmaceutical products, quasi-drug products, medical equipment, cosmetic equipment, health food, etc.
Headquarters Address 134-5, Hama 8 Bancho, Utazucho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa, 769-0208 Japan MapMap
Toll Free 0120-22-6910
Toll call +81-877-49-0021
FAX +81-877-49-5017
Factory Address 1276-1, Utazu-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Toll call +81-877-49-3434
FAX +81-877-49-3434
Branches Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka

Message from the President

Hokoen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has manufactured and marketed pharmaceutical products, quasi drug products, medical apparatuses, health food, and cosmetic products, and contract manufactures related products, since its foundation in 1950.
We are responsible for sufficiently consider the security and safety of each product, in genuine consideration of the greatest desire to stay healthy. We have acquired the Health Food GMP adaptation approval, because if we continue or renovate the production control system based on technology development, strict quality control, and process control, we can continue to acquire trust in our products and from customers. These efforts are of course made every day.
QOL, health life improvement, and self-medication are considered to draw more attention as Japan enters into a super-aging society. As a company which contributes to the fields of "health and beauty", we want to grow in synergy with consumers and transaction customers, providing products responsive to domestic situations and demands of the current age.
To create an affluent society now and in the future, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and continue to devote ourselves more intensively to this end.
We will proactively collaborate with overseas companies with which we have not been able to have an involvement thus far. We will development our business on a global scale, aiming to be a World Standard company increasing our current status as a Japan Standard company.

President and Chief Executive Officer Takanobu Hamada

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