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60 pills

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This is a product containing 7 types of berries.


 ◇ For those who often read books, use PCs, watch TV, etc.r

 ◇For those who drive a car




~ Main ingredients~

・7 kinds of berries (wild blueberries, strawberries, cranberries,

 Wild species bilberry, elderberry, raspberry, acai)


・Haskap, cassis, Acer cissifolium, marigold containing lutein extract, 1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, astaxanthin

vitamin C, , vitamin B、vitamin E,


《approx. 2 tablets a day》


(The color on the screen may differ

slightly from the actual product color)




“Seven Berry soft” is mainly composed of “wild blueberries” and “wild bilberries” from Scandinavia, which are richer in anthocyanins than cultivated varieties. It is a very soft health food for you that contains the popular “Haskap” (a berry species originally produced in Hokkaido) and “Astaxanthin” with extracts of the fruits and seeds extracted from 7 kinds of selected berries.




 Main ingredient content per 72 grams


 7 kinds of berry extract・・・90 mg

 haskap extract・・・・30 mg

 cassis extract・・・・・・30 mg

 Acer cissifolium・・・・・・30 mg

 lutein・・・・・・・・6 mg

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