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60 capsules

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Using a unique manufacturing method, “non-denatured proteoglycan” and “non-denatured type II collagen”, which are cartilage components*, are extrated from salmon nose cartilage plus support ingredients such as “imidapeptide” (a muscle component) and “HMB calcium”. It supports your body balance.

※Cartilage component = Component contained in cartilage, Muscle component = Component contained in muscle


~Main ingredients~

Chicken extract containing carnosine and anselin, HMB calcium, bone crushing supplement extract, Ajuga decumbns extract, salmon nose cartilage extract (containing non・denatured type II collagen and non・denatured proteoglycan), L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, vitamin D

《1 day, 2-3 capsules》




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