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Strong Baroness― Product name ―

Drug type
Type-1 OTC drugs
10 ml
1 ampoule, 2 ampoules, 5 ampoules
1 ampoule:4987166001057
2 ampoule:4987166001040
5 ampoule:4987166001026

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An oral androgen containing tonic herbal medicines and vitamins, which are effective for diminished erectile power and lack of libido.


~Main ingredients~
Methyltestosterone, epimedium extract (300 mg of epimedium), ginseng extract (470 mg of ginseng), vitamin B1, B2, hydrochloride, glucronolactone, caffeine, Japanese pharmacopoeia ethanol (contains fragrance as an additive)
《Once a day/ampoule》

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