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60 tablets

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To a white tomorrow that won’t lose to the sun
Urutsuya (gloss and moisture feelings) and beauty are eternal themes!
Brightening White & Sesamin is a “drink support supplement” designed with an eternal theme in mind. You will be more beautiful with “ceramide”, a moisturizing ingredient extracted from pineapple fruit, and “sesamine”, a support ingredient extracted from sesame seeds.

~Main ingredients~
Pineapple-derived fruit extract (pineapple-derived glucoside ceramide)
Sesamine-containing black sesame extract collagen
Placenta extract
hyaluronic acid
Vitamin C
Recommended for the following people;
★ Those who want to drink with care
★ Those who find it troublesome to apply creams
★ Those who are aiming for energy and beauty




《approx. 2 tablets a day》

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